Logo-pbkon-sro We are satisfied. We can rely on Emineo and in adition Emineo takes care of us in the field of taxation, what creates for us added value in a number of ways. We save time, money, and we can devote to our priorities. 

Mgr. Peter Bobik, Managing Director and owner of pbkon s.r.o.



Logo-SwissInnovision-sro We have been receiving financial services from Emineopartners since 2009 and would like to confirm that the services we have received were always correct, on time, adequate and professional. In addition to that the attitude of people providing the services is absolutely friendly, always ready to help and flexible for business people who are always running out of time. This peace of mind is worth a lot and therefore I would like to recommend Emineopartners further without any hesitation.

Nasrin Davis, executive of SwissInnovision s.r.o. 

Log-IvanPerlakiConsulting-sro Your services have the highest level of professionalism, expertise and quality. You are working with a maximum commitment and you're always  trying to solve all the problems of the client on 100% or to prevent that at all. Our cooperation with you and your team is excellent.

Doc. Ing. Ivan Perlaki, CSc., the Managing Director and owner of the company Ivan Perlaki Consulting, s.r.o.

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