Ready-made companies

  • We have ready-made companies (LLC)  registered for VAT at your disposal.
  • You can start doing business on the same date as you sign the agreement on the transfer of company shares.
For clients who need to start their business very quickly we offer solution with the ready-made companies (LLC). With ready-made companies client can start doing business from the moment of signing of the agreement.
With this solution clients can start their business about 3 weeks earlier compared to formation of a new company, or about 2-3 months earlier compared to formation of a company and registering the company for VAT.

We offer:
  • FULL SERVICE - we prepare all documents based on your requirements (change of the executive, change of the shareholders, change of the name of the company, add other trade licenses) and we will need just your signature
  • Seat of the company – at the city center of Bratislava (Hviezdoslavovo square 7)
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Tax advisory

For further information, please contact us by phone on number +421 2 210 28 212 or by e-mail

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